Using Mandriva 2009 , GeexBox 1.2 beta

I think its a kernel issue with 2.6.27 that acpi is switched on unsupported bios models.

Hence In Mandirva 2009

boot to live cd Press F3 then F4 select acpi=off. (Or the system will crawl)

If you are not able to get a GUI boot like me then ..

1)login with usernameĀ  root

2)run drakX11 then configure various your graphics card and Resolution (Dont forget to use the ‘Test’ option)

(For ATI x1250 use fglrx (faster) or radeonhd (slower))

3) After installĀ  edit /boot/grub/menu.lst

and add acpi=off to your options in kernel line if ts not there already

GeexBox 1.2 beta

Same story

While booting press ‘TAB’ add acpi=off in kernel line.

Currently HDMode doesn’t work with many Graphics Cards like ATI x1250 (again xorg issues)

so Start in non HD mode only.

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