Wifi in Fedora 10 (broadcom wl)

To make them work you have 2 ways:

1)Install Ndiswrapper


2)Install Broadcom Driver for linux

Faster is the Broadcom route so here goes:–

You need to install these packages either through package manager or download them seperately from


and use rpm -ivh <name>  (Remember: ALT+F2>gnome-terminal>su – >then yum install <name> or rpm -ivh <name>)



* means all packages for your kernel version and architecture
to find kernel version uname -r

3)Open /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-wlan0 (assuming wlan0 is the wireless interface)

change ONBOOT=off to ONBOOT=on

3 thoughts on “Wifi in Fedora 10 (broadcom wl)”

  1. just as a precaution
    I updated on 12/27/08 to the latest kernel****** from****** and the newer kernel broke the broadcom drivers. I noticed I had multiple boot entries for fedora 10 and chose the kernel and the broadcom wl worked again

  2. Just check if kmod of the newer kernel is installed.
    I recommend having the akmod-wl since it auto builds module when new kernel is installed.

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