Fedora 9 :The second Look Review

Well after some days after using with fedora i have come to the decide on certain aspects..

1) Sure Package-Kit uses less memory and is faster than pirut BUT the interface design is IRRITATING!!!

It doesn’t download all package descriptions together, while this is reasonable but you can only download only 1 package at a time and you can only select those packages to install in your current view.( They should learn something from yumex and smart package manager)

2)GNOME-VFS The latest version of gnome 2.22 packs a speed punch with sharper graphics and faster interface but when copying from a pen drive (flash drive) results in it pausing in between copying. (THIS IS NOT A FEDORA SPECIFIC PROBLEM. ITS THERE IN UBUNTU 8.04 ) 3)LIVE-CD: This was a shock to me since this was the first i installed fedora from a live cd.


PROBLEM: One might simply just say “download it” but the problem is that here there only was WiFI and as my card is not supported yet, so i have to use ndiswrapper (which is not installed by default) ,so lets compile it but ,oops NO GCC or make.

SOLUTION: I booted in to windows downloaded a pre-compiled gcc binary ( see gcc homepage) compiled GCC ( encountered a zillion problems), installed make from rpm and finaly compiled ndiswrapper. MUCH

EASIER ALTERNATE SOLUTION: Get someone else’s comp bridge net connections ( i couldn’t get another laptop) then use repository.

4) First Kernel Update and magically no usb devices are identified and ndiswrapper modules not being loaded

5)Glitchy X-server some times after log in the splash screen would stay jammed on the screen(no desktop until restart).

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