1 ) Faculty Evaluation System

Developed in PHP, AJAX , MySQL (LAMP) currently being used by Manipal Institute Of Technology. Is used by the students to (anonymously) give feedback about their teachers. Based on this cumulative marks are generated which the teachers, head of departments and the director can view in their respective logins.This system is fully automated requiring minimum maintenance.

2 ) This is Kernel (ongoing)

A basic Kernel based on Intel x86 (C , Assembly) , supporting basic functionality of standard output and input. Has full implementation of GDT, IDT  & ISRs (interrupts) and a basic keyboard module.

3 ) Student Performance System

Developed in PHP, AJAX , MySQL. (LAMP) . Completely in AJAX (while keeping server requests low), used to keep track of student marks and grades during his time in the institute .Teachers can enter the details and also send messages to the guardians who can view the marks and send messages to the respective teachers.

4 ) Tweeter (ongoing)

Developed in PHP, AJAX ,MySQL (LAMP) . A web service developed using Twitter API with features of Twitter plus extra features such as dynamic tweet feed search.

5 ) Regional Transport Office Management System

Developed in VB.NET and Oracle 11g . Developed to reduce work-load & waste of resources and increase speed of common task of the RTO such as issuing Driving Licences, Registering Vehicles etc.

6 ) Asymmetric encryption for Symbian Series 60

Developed in Python for Series 60. Implementation of  RSA asymmetric key pair encryption for messages and other data. (Won 2nd Prize in Mobivision, an event in Techtatava Manipal Institute of Technology’s technical fest.)

7 ) Python Mail Client

Developed in Python , it is a client side email application used to send and receive emails .(using SMTP)

8 ) SMS Notification System

Developed in Python used for sending SMS notifications (for system & application events).

9 ) Internet Automatic Login Script
Developed in python and in javaScript used by the students of Manipal Institute of Technology for web authentication over poor network connections.

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