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IALvPY3.0 Released


How To Use:

1) Python must be installed

2) Python imaging Library must be installed (installed on linux by default)

3) Go to terminal or command prompt , type

python IALvPY3.pyc

Whats New:

1) Faster + Wont Hang (Entire Modules aren’t loaded any more )

2) Organized Data into Seaprate Folder IALData

3) Daily log to keep count whenever the script logs in

4) Its Completely in Byte Code Form


If u want source code , take it from me directly.

Correcting Vista DHCP Problems

If u can’t use static ip with Vista inĀ  your Network and your Router Doesn’t Support Broadcasting Flag

Then vista will try to connect via DHCP but private ip gets assigned and local connectivity .


1)Run/Search > Type Regedit [press Enter]

2)Go to

Here GUID is the id of your device

3)Set DhcpConnForceBroadcastFlag 0

4)Make a new DWORD (32-bit )
DhcpConnDisableBcastFlagToggle 1

Enable / Waking Devices from Sleep ( like ethernet and usb )

Does your ethernet become disabled when you remove your laptop from power (Win XP),

windows does this to save power .

First put back power> got to that devices property >configure>Power Management> Deselect “Allow Computer to turn off this device to save power”

Then go to run>type cmd>powercfg /DEVICEQUERY ALL_DEVICES

(Actually wake_programmable is all u need)

see the name of the device


powercfg /DEVICEENABLEWAKE <name>

Thats ALL !!!!

(PS if you are using vista open cmd in administrator mode /UAC mode)

Review : Element Browser beta 6 R 2

Review : Element Browser beta 6

Well what began as just fancy looks has finally gained usability . After a quite a few bug removals its finally looking nearly good to go. Thankfully now it uses .NET 2 not 3.5(phew.. i just reinstalled xp i didnt want to download it on such low bandwidth).A little slow in browsing but thats probably IE engine.
Most of the interface is functional now including the the top buttons and the browser has stopped crashing.

Now official and it is now has an EULA agreement (being cost free product under proprietary license).

New Homepage :